Center Staff

Dr. Miri Shonfeld

מירי שיינפלד

Head of the TEC Center at MOFET Institute, Head of the Online College at Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts, Director of the Graduate Program in Technology in Education, and former Head of ICT and Forum Coordinator of ICT Managers. Dr. Shonfeld holds an MA in Biology and a PhD in Technology in Education, and is also active in the sphere of environmental education. She has served on the program committees for conferences on technology in education and multiculturalism in education in Israel and around the world. She is active in research groups on cultural diversity, collaboration, online teaching, and virtual worlds. She has co-authored position papers on ICT in Israel, the US, and for UNESCO.

Dr. Asmaa N. Ganayem

אסמאא גנאיים

Head of the Department for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at Al-Qasemi Academic College of Education, and lecturer on ICT subjects. Dr. Ganayem heads the program to adapt the college of education to the 21st century. Her research interests are online teaching, assimilation of technologies, and information society. Her doctoral dissertation engaged with the digital gap and internet usage patterns in Arab society in Israel. At the college and in Arab society in Israel Dr. Ganayem is leading projects and initiatives for the informed assimilation of internet use, and is engaged in developing pedagogical ICT models. She is co-director of the TEC Center, and coordinator of the Technology, Education, and Cultural Diversity Forum at MOFET Institute.

Dr. Elaine Hoter

איליין חוטר

Coordinator of ICT at Talpiot College of Education. In 1995 Dr. Hoter developed and taught the first online course in Israel, and initiated numerous ICT projects. She initiated and co-chaired the virtual international conference for teacher educators, “Opening Gates in Teacher Education” (2001). Her doctoral dissertation engages with training teachers to use the internet. She lives on the Golan Heights, and her current field of interest is the connection between different populations: deaf and hearing; Diaspora and Israeli Jewry; religious Jews, secular Jews, and Arabs. She is co-director of the TEC Center

Dr. Ilan Nagar


Information and communication technology lecturer at Hemdat Hadarom Academic College of Education. Dr. Nagar implements and assimilates innovative pedagogy in various courses in the spirit of adapting the education system to the 21st century. Since 1991 he has engaged in integrating computers into teaching – as a computer sciences teacher, a Ministry of Education computer instructor, as a lecturer in advanced teacher education courses, and as a lecturer for teachers with the highest ranking (7-9) as part of the “New Horizon” educational reform.

Dr. Einat Rozner


Lecturer in computer sciences and education, and a pedagogical instructor. Dr. Rozner engages in developing and guiding online teaching, and focuses on synchronous online environments. Her research interests are integration of technology into education, collaboration in online communities of learning in a multicultural environment, and educational entrepreneurship that emerges from the field.


Wafa Zidan


Lecturer on information and communication technology, computers, and research methods at the Arab Academic College of Education in Haifa. Her research interests are online learning and the assimilation of technology in education. She leads distance learning courses at the college.


Dr. Miki Kritz


Senior lecturer at Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts, and academic-technological advisor on computer applications in education. Dr. Kritz is Coordinator of the Online Environment Team at MOFET Institute, and director of the Amirim TEC Program at the TEC Center. He has published three books about the Internet (published by Kinneret Zmora-Bitan), and numerous articles and studies on progressive education and online teaching environments.